OAK-U-TRON Progress Update 2

buzzed over to home depot, picked up some new wheels. two of my goals with any project are 100% recycled materials and zero cost, but these almost always give way to time pressure, so i spent some bucks on real wheels. the casters were about 12 each and the wheels were 15. axle was another 5. kept receipts. progress tonight:

control panel cut, with new casters and wheels on display.

begin one-man process of extracting roller cart from beneath cab.

cab front propped on improvised scaffold. cart is rocked up but still no contact between cab and ground. wood scrap protects stone ipa from sawdust contamination.

same from other side. had to squeeze beneath/through the cab itself to get around. several times.

heaved the back end of the cab up and pulled the cart out.

back on the ground, safe and sound. ready to replace the crappy rollers.

installation of wheels and casters.

Current Needs

These are our most immediate needs. If you would like to donate anything on this list, it would be much appreciated. Just drop a note in the comments, or email oakutron at rpmcollective.com.

  • a 19″ (or larger) Windows-capable laptop, as long as the screen is no wider than 23 inches.


  • 19″ LCD monitor (or an LCD approaching, but no wider than, 23″, preferably 4:3)
  • PC speakers
  • A deep-cycle battery
  • An inverter capable of handling at least 300 to 400 Watts, modified or pure sine-wave.

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