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What’s New With The OAK-U-TRON?

First Off, Thanks Are Due
The OAK-U-TRON’s debut at Occupy Oakland’s Move-In Day couldn’t have gone better. Well… we could have actually secured a building. And 409 of our closest friends could have been NOT arrested unlawfully after being shot in the face with beanbag rounds and rubber bullets, burnt with flash bang grenades, gassed with [...]

Screenshot Saturday: The Maiden Voyage of the OAK-U-TRON 201X

I’ve been struggling to write this wrap-up post of the Occupy Oakland Move-In Day event on January 28th. It’s almost five days later and I’m still absorbing media and other accounts from the day, people’s reactions and analysis, and reflecting on my own experiences from the event and its effects.
Though Move-In Day itself ran into [...]


The OAK-U-TRON, our tactical, mobile, arcade game is ready to Move-In tomorrow! We’ll be at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza, at noon and march with the Move-In march at 1pm. Come out, say hi, and play the wonderful 50-player co-op game that Auntie Pixelante made just for this event!
I can’t believe everything came together at the [...]

OAK-U-TRON: T Minus 2 Days

A quick status update today because we’re getting down to the wire, but it’s really coming together.
The support we’ve been getting from the community, or I should say communities—from gamers, to wepay, to Occupy Oakland—has been nothing short of amazing! We can’t thank you all enough for your support!
I got the game from anna last [...]

OAK-U-TRON Progress Update 2

buzzed over to home depot, picked up some new wheels. two of my goals with any project are 100% recycled materials and zero cost, but these almost always give way to time pressure, so i spent some bucks on real wheels. the casters were about 12 each and the wheels were 15. axle was another [...]

Screenshot Saturday: Occucade

This Saturday, January 21st, marked the first day actual construction started on the OAK-U-TRON 201X. anna and daphny not only spent their time working on the new game developed specifically for the Occu-Tron, but also donated an empty arcade cabinet they had hanging around. Without this, I don’t think it would be possible to have [...]


I tried to set up a Kickstarter project so that anyone who liked the idea of a public, mobile, indie, street arcade could help out with some of the material costs to get the thing off the ground, especially with the hard deadline of January 28th’s Move-In Day quickly approaching.
Apparently, not just anyone can throw [...]

Occupy Arcade

It seems like we have reached a point in society where revolutions occur by the minute. From Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, and Bahrain, to Greece, Spain, Italy and Iceland, to Wukan, China. It’s impossible to start listing them without omitting dozens of others. In the US, the Occupy protests started at Wall Street in September and [...]